Online Counselling 

Due to Covid-19, we are all facing social changes and this is restricting our normal way of interacting, so I now offer online counselling. The two ways I work are either, online, with video counselling or by telephone. 


There are some considerations to think about if you would like to have counselling this way:

  • Counselling is a process of talking about and exploring very personal details of our lives. Therefore, having a secure, private space at your end of the screen is very important. You don't want interruptions or conversations being overheard. The same applies for me. As your therapist, I will work from my normal consulting room with headphones so your information stays private. 

  • ​If you have a particular need, and are seeking specialist help from a practitioner that works with certain types of mental health issues, online counselling may not be the best option for you. I am happy to discuss these requirements with you, and if I cannot help then I will signpost you in the right direction. 

  • I work with the Zoom platform, to ensure the counselling sessions stay as safe as they can online. To work with me this way you would need to be able to login into Zoom, so we can have our sessions using this encrypted method. If you find technology challenging then again this might not be the best way to seek counselling. 


My Fees for online counselling are £40 for a 50 minute session. Payment can be made before the session by Bank Transfer. 

Contracts will be emailed to you before the session so they can be discussed and agreed when we first meet online.